Meet the super heroes

As a small agency focused on craftsmanship, we have to be experts in more than one area, but not jacks of all-trades. Luckily, since we have no managers, we were able to attract a few of the baddest f&b creatives and designers in the city.

Our story

We all ended up here because we couldn’t fit into the corporate lifestyle in one way or another. We believe in doing over talking and prefer creating things over selling things. Most of all, we are passionate F&B: we wake up (not too early) and come to work because here, learning never stops.


Big skills

Low budget, high impact design Unique inception Identity and branding Innovative bar design Rooftop pop-ups
Independent sourcing Detailed matrix Rooftop pop-up Project management Adaptable
Product knowledge Exams / testing Menu Service Efficiency Observations
F&B design + development
Innovative Menu design / layout LDN scene orientated Knowledge
Bar bible
Targeted operations manual Procedures Recipes Systems
Team building Manager support